Empower LNP Development with Advanced Screening, Translatable Models, and Precision Characterisation, Crafting Potent LNPs for Diverse Therapeutic Needs and Payloads

The spotlight continues to shine on lipid nanoparticles as the ‘go-to’ delivery vehicle, however the demand remains to translate learnings from vaccine LNP-mRNA success into therapeutic applications. Positioned as a delivery vehicle with no ceiling to innovation, drug developers across the field are continuing to progress research to target the previously unreachable and treating the undruggable. Pinpoint the lipid components and structural complexities, advance formulative strategy and streamline manufacture to revolutionise your LNP design.

The 3rd Lipid Nanoparticles Development Summit Europe is your premier forum to collaborate with a carefully curated community of experts across Discovery, Characterisation, Translatability, Formulation, Biodistribution, Manufacturing and much more. These industry leaders are gathering in Berlin this September to bring the greatest challenges in LNP development to the fore, tackling them head on to ensure 2024 is the year of the LNP.

Join us this September address your unanswered questions and drive your development of LNPs to the next level, supercharging innovation in your approach to safe, stable and targeted drug delivery.

Industry-Leading Speakers Include:

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