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Empower LNP Development with Advanced Screening, Translatable Models, and Precision Characterisation, Crafting Potent LNPs for Diverse Therapeutic Needs and Payloads

The 3rd Lipid Nanoparticles Development Summit Europe is your leading forum to unite as a driven community of leaders, forcing lipid nanoparticle innovative design and manufacture into the centre of the conversation, demanding more clinical progress and regulatory approval across a wide range of payloads. Spotlight the challenges impacting discovery, formulation, characterization and manufacturing teams across Europe and beyond in a bid to create novel lipid nanoparticles.

With an agenda developed following consultative discussion with the field’s biggest players, GSK, J&J, CureVac and more, this summit is of highest value for the community to receive end-to-end LNP insights. Development roadblocks such as lipid characterisation, model translatability, toxicity occurrence, targeted delivery form core parts of the discussion, delivered from world-leading speakers across pharma, biotech and academia.

Join Global Innovators to:

Gain insights through screening and analysis of various ionizable lipids and PEG components

Evaluate biodistribution profiles and LNP behaviour in vivo for smooth pre-clinical to clinical translation

Validate efficacy and safety through robust pre-clinical models and in vitro-in vivo correlation studies

Explore stability profiles of nucleic acid-LNP complex

Delve into considerations for oncology, immunology, and vaccine applications, each with distinct requirements

Target novel locations including the lung, spleen, and CNS for enhanced therapeutic outcomes

Optimise future focused scalability and manufacturing with GMP compliance for confidence in pipeline progression

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