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Beacon - LNP Landscape

Our colleagues from Beacon have just published a paper on the LNP landscape - tracking 576 therapies using this as a delivery systems!

A few noteworthy trends:

  • The space is preclinical heavy with 73% of assets at this stage
  • Since Jan 1st our Beacon research team has identified 81 new RNA therapies using an LNP enter the space
  • There are currently 64 phase 3 trials ongoing
  • When it comes to genetic material, understandably mRNA is dominating the charts however siRNA and gRNA are seeing significant growths
SciEx White Paper

Distinguishing Oxidative Impurities from Ionizable Lipids Used in LNP Formulations Using Electron Activated Dissociation


Achieving structural elucidation and distinction of oxidative isomer impurities of lipids with electron-activated dissociation (EAD) and the ZenoTOF 7600 system.

In this technical note, the comprehensive characterization of impurities from the ionizable lipid (6Z,9Z,28Z,31Z)-heptatriaconta-6,9,28,31-tetraene-19-yl-(dimethylamino)butanoate, commonly known as DLin-MC3-DMA (MC3), is presented. Deep structural elucidation, including the localization of different oxidation products and saturation of double bonds in MC3, was achieved using EAD.

LNP EU Speaker Interview

Exclusive Speaker Interview: Polypeptide Therapeutic Solutions

Vicent Nebot, Polypeptide Therapeutic

"While LNPs are the current gold
standard for delivering mRNA-based
vaccines, drug developers are extremely
active in search of improved excipient
components that could outperform
the initially developed LNPs in terms of
efficacy, reduced immunogenicity, and
specific targeting to tissues and cells
other than the liver."

LNP: Formulations Beyond the Vaccine

Hanson Wade Intelligence